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Face with a Hole-Mouth
2 mins

To be All is to have all and not to be Nothing, nor to have nothing. However, to be All, it must, on another dimension, include Nothing.

Thus, shifting between the two dimensions, All is both opposed to Nothing and includes it.
Face with a Hole-Mouth plays with superimposed layers in video editing to evoke shifting dimensions of a subject in video art.

Within the first dimension, the Subject is the All that is opposed to Nothing. It is the face that is resisting the hole.
On the second dimension, the Subject is the All which integrates Nothing. It is the mouth swallowing both the hole and the face opposing the hole.
A third dimension emerges when the first and second dimensions collapse. The Subject becomes a non-oriental surface: the Hole is inside a Face; the Face is inside a Mouth; the Mouth is inside a Hole.

This single-channel projection video consists of two layers of the superimposed image: The bottom layer shows a female subject with an open mouth. A flickering black ‘hole’, is repeatedly eclipsing her face. On the top layer, a giant monstrous mouth is opening with a tongue wildly flipping around. When the two layers collide, the black ‘hole’ creates a Klein bottle, a non-orientable topological surface: The Mouth is swallowing the Hole; simultaneously, the Hole is absorbing the Mouth.