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Collide-Parallel Universe
2 mins 46 secs

Collide-Parallel Universe explores the possibilities to image a super(im)posed ‘Self’ whose states of actual and virtual; unitary and fragmentation exhibit possible coexistence in video art.

Referring to a concept of ‘superposition’ in quantum theory which allows two antagonistic states to coexist in a state of indeterminacy, I propose a super(im)posed ‘Self’ whose regression toward the unformed antecedent to a self- image and the antagonistic state of attesting the boundary of her mirror- reflection coexist in a visual collision.

Collide-Parallel Universe consists of two types of visual collision: a horizontal collision happening between the different movements of ‘Self’ in the split-screen; and a vertical collision that occurs when the superimposed layer of a fragmented ‘Self’ is interfering it’s the unity.

An indeterminate state of the ‘Self’ emerges in the progression of this visual collision.