Youjia Lu
In the series of "Enneagram", I want to express my interpretation and imagination of the psychology Enneagram through drawing. Enneagram is a nine temperament in infancy person, including the level of activity; regularity; initiative; adaptability; interested in the strength of the range; reaction; the Mindscape quality; distraction; concentration range / persistence sex. Nine types are: 1 Reformer 2. Helper 3. Achiever 4. Individualist 5. Investigator 6. Loyalist 7. Enthusiast 8. Challenger 9. Peacemaker. The nine drawings in series named as: Anger; Pride; Deceit; Envy; Avarice; Fear; Gluttony; Lust; Sloth. I focused on expressing the human weakness of each of the nine types of personality.