Youjia Lu
DreamsDreamsDreams_9th Jan, 2010Dreams_10th Jan, 2010Dreams_12th Jan, 2010Dreams_13th Jan, 2010Dreams_16th Jan, 2010Dreams_18th Jan, 2010Dreams_20th Jan, 2010Dreams_17th Aug, 2010Dreams_19th Aug, 2010Dreams_21st Aug, 2010Dreams_21st Jan, 2010Dreams_22nd Aug, 2010Dreams_22nd Jan, 2010Dreams_24th Aug, 2010Dreams_27th Jan, 2010Dreams_5th Sept, 2010
In the series of “Dreams”, I want to explore the inspiration of drawing and the motivation of creation, which enlightened by subconscious mind. The themes of each drawing in this series are based on my dreams. I recorded the fragments of dreams species or main, and expressed through drawings, to show this kind of subconscious creativity.