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Super(im)position: enduring (non-place)

Video is a ‘medium’ for channelling a ghostly ‘()’, the (non-place); it evokes the otherness of an event in space and time: a ritual or paradise.

I filmed this video while testing one of my video experiments ‘Super(im)position’ in my apartment. The domestic backdrop and duality of virtual/actual space in this work echo the current interrelationship between time, space and ourselves in an uncanny way. Screen(s) manifests the ambiguous veil between our embodied presence and the presence of video-mediated space and time, offering distance and intimacy. Video medium captures and encapsulates a (virtual) space and time in which the event we observe was (actually) taking in place. It demarcates a (non-place) where nobody is present, yet everybody is given presence.

Enduring the (non-place)ness of space and time, the paradise is yet to come.

This work is made for a virtual exhibition HTTP.PARADISE. curated by Jake Treacy at Incinerator Gallery.
Link to the exhibition: HTTP.PARADISE.