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Super(im)position: Eclipsing (I)
Video Projection

Super(im)position: Eclipsing (I) is derived from my ongoing artistic research exploring the liminal 'gap' between conscious and unconscious states through the video medium perception. Destabilising a conscious perception of video self-portrait, this video experiment artistically manifests an (un)conscious perception and gives rise to an immediate experience of the indeterminate Self through the liminality of conscious/unconscious, actuality/virtuality, unity/fragmentation. I consider my ‘Self’ in this video experiment as a limbo figure - neither a complete subject nor a total object. Hovering between the subject/object liminality, this limbo figure perhaps also mirrors the viewer’s ‘Self’ in the encounter of this video experiment - a dilemma between sustaining subjectivity (the sense of ‘Self’ is reflected upon the perception of a subject/object in the work) and pursuing immediacy (there are neither subject nor object in the experience exceeding the boundary of a sense of ‘Self’. To respond to the theme of this exhibition, I propose that the hypothetical (un)conscious state manifested through this work as a liminal state where the ‘Self’ is seemed to exceed the boundary of human(-centric) consciousness and becomes interpenetrating with other (para-)consciousness of the ‘Animal Nation’.

This work is made for a group exhibition 'Animal Nation' curated by Simon Pericich at Stockroom Kyneton.

Link to the exhibition: ANIMAL NATION

Link to the catalogue essay by Brie Trenerry: