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Loop explores the duality that exists when one is trapped in thought suppression. A double consciousness exists as the paranoia-fueled anxiety generates an individual who, while consciously attempting to escape thoughts, is at the same time indulging in them obsessively.

This piece consists of two large-scale black and white video looping projections displayed simultaneously, side by side. On the right hand is a video of a close up of a mouth inflating a bubble gum in slow motion. The action reverses as it reaches the maximum before its popped returning to the mouth. On the left hand side is another mouth with same framing revealing the moment as the bubble gum pops in a repetitive fast paced loop. The disturbing repetition of the dramatic action juxtaposed by the gentle meditative relief of the non-popping bubble contrast one another as they loop indefinitely. By displaying the two opposite images side-by-side, an attempt to create an ironic contradiction between the two videos generate a question of whether we are suppressing our thoughts to escape from pain or we are rather indulging in the discomfort or the pain.

Loop (Project Description)